We built our reputation as a cost-effective and dependable carrier by utilizing professional team-drivers to move freight across 48-states year round. Our state of the art technology allows us to provide rapid and high-quality services. We take pride in our well-organized and competent operation offering 24/7/365 support. True to our name, friendship and reliability are the foundation of our company.

Logistic Consulting

When it comes to logistics, leave your worries to us! We are experts in this filed, a team of dedicated individuals, ready to be your guide to fast and safe delivery.

With a high understanding of the supply chain management industry and time-sensitive freight, we are true guides to our customers, knowledgeable, friendly individuals, they can rely on.

Listening to our customers’ needs, working together to provide the best possible service, while meeting the expectations and helping them enhance their business, is something that we do on daily basis.

Cargo Cost Optimization

Together with logistics or not, we can do the minimize all your costs regarding every your shipment. We will give our best to provide you the impeccable service and quick answers or calls. Reducing costs is often first on the list of priorities for a businesses’ bottom line. That’s why we pay close attention to improve efficiency while planning everyday shipments.

Our shipping strategies are designed to minimize freight costs and improve overall service. We listen to the needs of our customers, use reliable forecasts, the latest technologies and newer equipment for the best transportation experience. We are committed to flawlessly helping our customers in reducing their freight cost on a daily basis.

Delivery Planning

Every shipment needs to have its delivery plan which contains all the information and possible updates. We can provide you all the information about the routes and full plan of your shipment. Our 24/7 truck tracing team keeps an eye on all loads during the entire trip.

We send location updates every 2 hours, and notify our customers once the truck is loaded and unloaded, as well as, send e-mails or make phone calls to provide information about any road circumstances. In addition, watching the weather forecast and road conditions, ahead of time, is a crucial part of our job.



At Love Logistics, we understand the importance of protecting, not just ourselves, but others as well from the financial loss. Therefore, we have obtained an A+ high-value insurance.
This type of an insurance is considered the best in trucking industry in creditworthiness.

Hiring only reliable professionals

At Love Logistics, we employ drivers who have 2, or more years of driving record, good work ethics and communication skills, as well as, ability to take initiative and work independently.  In addition, having a clean MVR is a must.  For us, it is very important  to have all  precautions in place so that we can  focus  on building healthy and long-lasting business relationships.

Driving is more than just a job

For us, driving a truck is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle that empowers dreams for our employees and their families, and an institution that delights our customers and partners, while taking no chances with the merchandise. Together we are creating a good working atmosphere while making sure everyone feels appreciated and respected. We value a strong work ethic and motivated individuals who care to learn and grow with us together.

Our team consists of highly skilled experts who are creating an environment of goodwill. With a positive attitude and great motivation, we are capable to make stable relationships, and that’s what our customers see and why they show confidence in us.